Pole & Kids instructor

Tatyana Mikhalyova
Tatyana began her professional sport career at the age of 7 when she started swimming and athletic training.
She participated in events and competitions in Kazakhstan and Russia for 10 years. She was Kazakhstan champion in swimming and participated in competitions in Kazakhstan and Russia for 10 years, before moving to the UAE, Dubai, where she performed as a dancer for 3 years in Extravaganza show of Sharmila Dance Centre.
Tatyana graduated Sport Olympic school in 2006 with the title master of sports
She continued her study in Pedagogical University, Physical Education and Sports faculty, where she was studying choreography, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and game sports
Since 2011 Tatyana has been working as a Free Lance Sport Trainer while continuing her development as a choreographer and a dancer in different styles of dance such as Broadway Jazz, Contemporary dance, Vogue and Pole Dance
Being the Pole Dancer drove her career to a completely different level opening various different opportunities.
Nowadays, Tatyana does Pole Exotic, Pole Art, Pole Dance and Pole Sport
She is known in the region
a distinctive teacher and creative choreographer known for her passion, strength and beautiful soul, always bringing innovation to the UAE artistic scene