4 Benefits of Dancing As An Exercise

September 16, 2018

Not only dancing is fun, but there are also many benefits of dancing too. There are many forms of dance as well. Dance has always been a part of the culture as it is commonly done during rituals and celebrations. Today, most dancing is about recreation and self-expression. Aside from being a form of art, dancing is also a fun way to get fit.

What’s good about dancing is that people of all ages and sizes can do it. People just have to look for the best form of dance that suits them best. Since dancing has a wide variety, everyone can search for the type of dance that they find the most enjoyable. There is at least one form of dance that everyone can do regardless of the level of their dancing skills.

Dancing as an exercise can give so many benefits, but let us go through 4 for this blog post:

  1. Dancing boosts your physical health.

One research tested people’s physical abilities before and after taking up dance classes. 54 adults were part of the study and they took dance classes twice a week at different locations. The researchers let the participants learn basic steps before moving to more complex choreographies.

Through a 400-meter walk, the researchers assessed the participant’s speed and physical activity capabilities. The participants, after completing dance lessons, have shown great results. In fact, the participants started doing physical activities on their own. The time allotted for physical activity also greatly increased.

Dancing can lower the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Dancing as an exercise can also help you sleep better and become more energized throughout the day.

  1. Dancing enhances brain power and balance.

Dance lessons in Dubai will not only let you move your body, but it will also challenge your memorization skills. Dancing requires utilising your body memory. Memorising the steps for choreographies can help enhance your brainpower. Learning dance can also improve your coordination and balance.

  1. Dancing improves Parkinson’s disease.

Individuals with Parkinson’s struggle with walking and turning. However, in a 2014 study, one of the longest-duration researches on dancing’s effects on people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease found that tango dancing actually brought in positive results.

Over two years after the research, those participants who had taken a tango class at least twice a week for an hour improved their “motor and nonmotor symptom severity, performance on activities of daily living and balance.” As for the people who didn’t participate in the dance lessons, there has been a decline in the improvement of their conditions.

  1. Dancing is good for your body and brain.

Dancing can address different health issues; may it be either on a physical or mental aspect. For physical health benefits, dancing as an exercise can prevent obesity, high triglyceride levels, high blood sugar, and low or high blood pressure.

One study found that elderly patients who learned Cha Cha over six months have improved verbal fluency, word list recognition and word list delayed recall. The dancing lessons had enhanced their cognitive performance and also made them happier. Although dancing didn’t entirely treat the patients’ physical symptoms, dancing as an exercise had displayed improvement in their health.

Exercise can be a difficult task for people who have physical health conditions, but dancing is a fitness activity that does not require strenuous activities for you to get fit. Taking up dance lessons can give you the several benefits without pushing yourself too hard. We at MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio has expanded and offers yoga, aerial yoga, aerial hoop, aerial hammocks, flexibility, Pilates, ballet, Acro Yoga and contemporary courses that can suit the particular needs for everyone.

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