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We offer Bungee Workout Class

Bungee workouts come in many forms, but the most popular classes have participants do a combination of dancing, stretching, cardio, and strength training — all while attached to a bungee cord that is anchored to the ceiling. Moves like squats and push-ups will be easier, but the further from the anchor you go, the more challenging the moves get.
Because the workout essentially combines resistance training and cardio while eliminating stress on your joints, it’s a good bet for a low-intensity, fat-burning workout. If it’s your first time, let your instructor know to get the best workout and avoid getting injured.

What are the conditions and cancellation policy?

The payment is made in advance to secure your booking. The cancellation policy is 24 hours, i.e. you will get a full refund if cancel more 1 day in advance and if less than 24 hours, the studio will refund you 50%.