Here’s What You Should Know About Pole Dancing

January 29, 2018

Pole dancing has become a fitness routine that is popular around the world. However, you couldn’t say the same about it a decade ago. Pole dancing started out at clubs and it took many years for mainstream media and culture to accept it as a form of fitness and training.
Regardless of age, pole dancers are in the best shape. It is a full-body workout that combines cardio and resistance training. Pole dancers can perform acrobatic tricks propelling around the metal pole or suspend their weight. Did you know that Greta Pontarelli who is 63 years old is actually a champion pole dancer?

Yes, there is a sexy side to pole dancing that still remains, but it has since become an art and a sport. Pole dancing in Dubai is performed by serious athletes who engage in death-defying tricks. You have the physical competence to display unfathomable strength.

Pole dancing is fun and exciting but you need proper training. It is not something that you can just learn on the job. It is challenging when first starting out. With improper techniques pole dancers can experience back and shoulder pain. It is imperative you learn from certified instructors and go through gradual training before attempting to compete or participate in sporting events.

Pole dancing is not just for women, pole dancing for men continues to grow each year. There are competitions for men’s divisions now. Men have natural upper body strength and this makes them inclined towards the sport.

In terms of upper body strength, not having it is not an excuse to not do it. While you may not be at the ideal weight, you can build the skill, grow and learn the art of pole dancing in Dubai. It is empowering and that’s what is so inspiring about it. Pole dancing has its own tricks and you can be as creative as you want with your possibilities.

Pole dancing helps you de-stress and express emotions through a dance routine. De-stressing and relieving yourself from anxiety is a great benefit. At the same time it allows you to display your emotions as you engage in a beautiful dance. Many pole dancers have an expression of joy while engaging in their routine. It combines artistic skill and makes it incomparable to other dance sports.

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