What Can Pole Dancing Do For You

What Can Pole Dancing Do For You

January 3, 2018

Pole dancing is no longer there to just give you a boost in confidence. There are unexpected health and fitness benefits you may be surprised to learn about. It is one of those activities that is not only good for the body but also for the mind and soul. Pole dancing has become mainstream in recent years and is now looked at as an effective fitness regime.

It is a core workout

It is one of the most fantastic core workouts you can engage in. It is not like you have to routinely do crunches and sit-ups, you will have that six pack in no time. Many people who have been gym buffs attest to this fact.

A cardio workout

You may not realize this but pole dancing will get your heart rate up. It is a cardiovascular activity and a key element in pole dancing. It is also quite exhausting because the routine includes hectic strength moves. All in all, it is an amazing body workout. You can get into shape by doing a pole dance routine for just a few months. It is one of the quickest ways to get that body you’ve always wanted. Many people train and compete in pole dance competitions. Pole dancing combines cardio and strength training at is best.

Lose weight

And there is nothing like losing weight to get people excited about pole dance. It is a routine that is intensive on the upper body so your shoulders, arms and abs will tone up. It is not about getting bulky, rather toning up your natural body weight. You have to engage in dynamic stretching exercises that will also make you flexible. It will also help you shed those excessive pounds and help develop biceps and even triceps.

Healthy metabolism

Studies indicate that you burn food quickly when training for a competition. Pole fitness will give you a healthy metabolism, but the goal is to keep it healthy. Include lots of vegetables, fruits and protein into your diet.

Balance and coordination.

Pole dancing requires coordination and balance. With so many spins, pivots and turns you will learn to strengthen muscles in the body. This leads to good posture, and posture will increase lung functioning and healthy digestion.


While there are plenty of fitness benefits, let’s not forget that pole dancing in Dubai gives you a boost in confidence unlike any other fitness routine. It is amazing for the outer body and your inner self. You will learn to accept your body and not consider appearance as much as learning the new tricks of the trade. You will also start to look better, feel stronger and more attractive.

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