Top Reasons To Start Ballet Young

Top Reasons To Start Ballet Young

January 3, 2018

More often than not, our children take a liking to dance or ballet by watching other young children performing on stage. With the internet showcasing young and talented kids all the time, it is no surprise our kids want to follow suit. If your 5 year old wants to take dance lessons, you may question the benefits of dancing at such a young age.

Here are the best reasons to start your child on contemporary dance classes while they are still young.

When it comes to the decision for a child to take up contemporary dance, parents are the biggest motivating factor. As adults we understand the increase in opportunities dance can present to young children, and different activities open them up to a world beyond their little imagination.

A fun and exciting exercise

Ballet is an exercise just as much as it is a beautiful movement of the body. At the same time, it is a fun exercise. Dancing is exhilarating and unbeknownst to your child they will be in the throes of healthy exercise and fitness. It encourages your child to be active and stay healthy in an enjoyable way

A healthy heart

Raising a healthy heart should not start when you are experiencing heart problems. It should start young. Dancing is known to increase cardiovascular stamina. Ballet, in particular, is both challenging and rewarding and provides the body excellent discipline in the long-term.

Mental and physical sharpness

One of the most important benefits of contemporary dance is mental acuity and physical coordination. Young children have to master mental sharpness and physical coordination as they grow up, and dancing makes it easier to achieve this development. Children become aware of their bodies and how to control movements. Dance lessons from a young age will help your child develop fine motor skills which can then be applied to day to day activities.

Supple and graceful

Contemporary dance offers additional benefits which include developing muscular strength, balance, flexibility, and improved posture. Dancers are both graceful and strong and these are traits they master when they are young. It will also lead to kids being more athletic and supple as they get older.

Improved brain functions

Did you know that dance involves brain functions? Research indicates that continuous movement to explore challenges and solve them creates in your child an innovative mind to help arrive at creative solutions. This intuitive thinking process is attributed by many to achieving lifelong success.

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