Things You Wish You Knew About Pole Dancing

April 30, 2018

Many people are inspired to take on pole dancing once they’ve seen the dance routine being performed. Pole dancers have strength, grace and sensuality and it is something many of us want to have in our own lives. Here are some things on pole dancing you wished you knew earlier.

Pole dancing in Dubai is resistance training and cardio all rolled into one. It is a full body workout that improves flexibility. You get to display incredible strength and perform acrobatic tricks.

Did you know that some people in the pole dancing community are pushing the sport to get accepted at worldwide sporting events? Pole dancers are serious athletes and perform tricks suspended in mid-air. It also has an artistic side to the routine. Some pole dancers incorporate costumes and modern dance while others wear high heels. It is a fitness routine that offers something for everyone.

Pole dancing is a fun routine but it is also an athletic endeavour. You need proper training to get onto a pole and dance. With improper training you may experience back and shoulder pain. You cannot figure out pole dancing by watching it on YouTube. You need to learn the routine from a pole dancing instructor in Dubai and go through the gradual pace of training. 

Some people are afraid to give pole dancing a try because they do not have upper body strength. While you may not be at the right weight you can still learn it as a skill and grow from there. This is what makes pole dancing in Dubai inspiring and empowering. It has possibilities of growth and gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run in all the right directions.

Pole dancing is not always sexy. There is a sensual side to the routine but like learning any other workout for the first time you end up with a few scrapes here and there from trying out new moves.

Pole dancing is an outlet to express your emotions. It is not only a physically strenuous routine but it gives you the opportunity to show your expressions via dance. When you combine a series of emotions with artistic skill you make it a beautiful and athletic dance form, and in a sense it is incomparable to other sports and dance routines.

Pole dancers belong to a tight-knit community. They come together from different professions, backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. You will have friends from around the world who are pole dancers. It is a great place to share love for the dance and bond with each other over a similar passion.


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