The Best Types Of Yoga To Lose Weight

The Best Types Of Yoga To Lose Weight

January 3, 2018

In order to shed those excess pounds, you have to burn more calories compared to consuming them. Yoga is not the most obvious weight loss method, but it can help in more ways than you know. With yoga, aside from weight loss, you can also increase flexibility, strength and balance. With different types of yoga, how can you choose the one that suits your fitness approach best? Picking the best type of yoga will also make sticking to the routine more fun and exciting.

If you want to pick a yoga style that supports weight loss goals, you need a yoga class that incorporates more movement, focuses on building strength, increases cardiovascular exercise and is more challenging overall. Vinyasa is a type of yoga that features frequent movement from yoga push ups, pose to pose and challenging sequences.

Hastha is a more general yoga style. The practice includes yoga postures and breathing exercises to help you achieve peace of mind. It also helps prepare your body for meditation and deeper spiritual practice. It is slow, relatively gentle and ideal for beginners. It is also great if you prefer a relaxed routine.

Unlike traditional exercises such as jogging or running you won’t burn calories quickly through yoga fitness. However, what you do achieve is a mind-body awareness that promotes weight loss. Some of the things you learn at yoga classes include an increased focus on breathing and paying considerable attention to your emotions. You will find that you don’t eat according to how you feel in the moment, this means overeating or snacking at night will greatly lessen. You will learn to eat slowly, savour your food and then stop when feeling full. It will also make you feel less anxious and give you peace of mind, so that you are less likely to eat for reasons other than when you are hungry.

Yes, yoga is one of the most effective fitness routines to achieve specific weight loss goals. Make yoga a regular habit so that it will continue to help you shed excess fat. As much as you burn calories you can also increase muscles. The more muscles you gain, the fitter you will look and have a more sculpted body.

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