Are You Ready For A Pole Dance Competition? Tips To Prepare

May 17, 2018

Whether you’ve competed on stage before or it is your very first time, both instances can be very stressful for a dancer. It is nerve-racking to be up on stage and dance in front of everybody. As a pole dancer, you must prepare for your competition. One way to ease your nerves is by being ready physically and emotionally. Here are some tips to get you through the preparation process.

Do your research and decide which competition suits your dance style the best. Dancers have an endless list of competitions to pick from nowadays. Read up on everything about the competition and take note of the rules and regulations, costume choice, compulsory aspects of the dance and music.

Be creative when selecting music for the competition and watch dance movies and observe common themes and tracks. Play to your strengths and carefully select your character because you have to portray it to the best of your ability.

You should start preparing for the competition at least three months before the date. Take a pole dancing class in Dubai so that you can train with a professional pole dance instructor and get comfortable with the dance routine. This will give you sufficient time to include tricks and perfect something fresh and new which promotes your strengths.

Choreograph your dance move with a lot of creativity. There are hundreds of moves in pole dancing. And many of these moves defy gravity. It may be a combination of splits and crazy tricks. Do not over-pack your dance with every single move you know. You need to balance the choreography and select moves that will highlight your performance. Avoid repetitive dance steps and unnecessary adjustments.

The pole dance should not only be about flying through the air but also about making it rhythmic and smooth. You can always ask your pole dance instructor in Dubai for his or her opinions and ideas on the dance as a whole.

And finally, pay attention to the smallest of details. Every hand raise, every head turn and foot position, basically every move matters in the context of the dance competition. Run through the dance routine several times before you hit the stage. Keeping to a dance routine is stressful as you need to remember every step and minute detail. Run through the piece at your pole dancing class in Dubai so that you don’t forget the sequence.

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