Pole In Love With Falling

Do you still remember the first time you fell in love?

First love never dies, they say. Remember that time when you first had that giddy feeling building up on your chest, you almost thought you’d die because you were losing your breath? Look back at that day when you had your first kiss, and that moment when you finally knew that indeed… you are falling.

Let this be the first time you fall in love with pole dancing.

Like that constant urge to wrap your arms around your love, you grab onto the pole with the feeling of never wanting to let go. You pull yourself in closer, giving in to the longing for your love’s touch. Closer… and closer… until you both lock into an embrace.

Falling In Love Can Be Unexpected.

Pole dancing gives you the same exhilarating sensation. At first, you may have had inhibitions on trying it out. It seems like a complicated process that requires intensive training. It’s as if it’s that person you’d least likely fall in love with, until you had the chance to become closer and refute your expectations. It is that same kind of surprise when you finally find yourself signing up for pole dancing classes— you become attached to it (literally and figuratively).  

Falling In Love Is All About Commitment.

With attachment comes commitment. Being committed to a person means being dedicated to the person who makes your heart happy. You start to spend more time with that person, and each minute spent is worthwhile. Falling in love with pole dancing also requires the same kind of commitment. You know that you cannot learn everything the first time, so you go for several more sessions because it is what makes your heart happy. Every time you do it, your heart just keeps on racing fast.

Falling In Love Is Best With The Right One.

It can take such a great fall when you fall in love with the wrong person. Don’t waste your time looking for love from hopeless places when you can find it in the heart of Dubai. Falling in love with pole dancing feels the best when you find the perfect dance studio that will give you the best pole dancing classes in Dubai. Sometimes we spend too much time looking for love when it’s been there right in front of you the whole time. Right in front of your screen. Right in front of you now.

As you begin to pole in love, you’d want to devote an ample amount of time discovering what else could this activity offer. We want to become closer to you. We want to us to get to know each other better. We know you feel like you finally had it with false promises but trust us when we say that when we love, we do it passionately and genuinely.

We don’t want you falling in love with the wrong person again. We don’t want to see your tears, we only want to see your sweat after our classes. We don’t want you falling and crashing, we want you to be falling and laughing. We don’t want to see your heart break, we want to know your heart races.

Let’s fall in love. Set a date with us anytime soon and we’ll make you fall in love harder each time.

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