Pole Dancing Skills To Practice At Home

May 16, 2018

If you are tired of regular workouts and exercise routines, it is time to try something exciting and fun. It is good to get out of your comfort zone and give pole dancing a try.

Pole dancing is no longer something that people whisper about. It is a legitimate fitness workout that serious dancers and athletes enjoy. It contains dance and acrobatic inspired moves which focuses on strength, agility and flexibility. Pole dancing is coming out of its shadows with fitness centers and health clubs incorporating the routine into its regular fitness and exercise.

First things first, before you try pole dancing steps at home you need to go to a pole dancing studio in Dubai and learn the skills. Whether it is to climb onto the pole, do pole tricks and spins, a pole dancing instructor will help you master the moves in the correct way. It is a challenging workout that requires upper strength body and it is not something you will learn quickly. Pole dancing takes practice and dedication.

When you watch your instructor you will learn extra tips that you won’t learn anywhere else. Once you have a sufficient understanding of the routine, you can buy yourself some crash mats and execute the moves the way you have been taught at home.

You must have a sturdy pole that is suitable for exercise purposes. You should have a detailed understanding of proper dance techniques and posture in order to avoid injury. Pole dancing requires that you hold your feet, neck, elbows, knees and hips in a certain way. It is with the intention of executing spins.

You must also warm up your muscles well before you begin your pole dancing lesson at home. Flexibility training and stretching is critical to getting the dance right. Cold muscles can result in potential injuries and it is also more challenging to grip and hold on while performing acrobatics in mid-air. You may find warm-up and stretching a boring part of the routine, but it will loosen up your muscles and keep you from serious injury.

Aside from stretching points and maintaining the right posture, if you want to try out a new move make certain you’ve learned everything about it first. And for this you need a qualified instructor from MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio in Dubai to teach and encourage you to make the most of your skill in the safest possible way while having fun at the same time.


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