Pole Dancing Knows No Size, Only Smize

You’re a plus-sized woman who’s tried every fitness routine there is, but you just can’t seem to find the one you can enjoy. You’ve heard of pole dancing classes and you find yourself wanting to sign up for one, but you’re quite intimidated with the nature of the activity. Can someone of your size try pole dancing’s spice?

Of course. Pole dancing classes know no size, only smize (i.e. smiling with your eyes as per Tyra Banks). It doesn’t even matter if you carry more pounds than the others, as the pole lets you carry that one body you’ve got. Their opinions shouldn’t matter.

What is it like to try out pole dancing, you may ask? Here are the things you must know before going to a dance studio in Dubai:

  •         It will be challenging.

It will be more difficult for you if you don’t have any prior exercise, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work out. You may not be able to lift yourself up at first try, but it always starts that way. Your muscles will be sore at the end of the day and you may even get some bruises here and there, but those are signs that you are setting the path to your fitness journey. Believe us when we tell you that this challenge is the kind that you’d like.

  •         There is no dress code.

While it will be advisable to wear light, you can wear whatever you’d like if you’ll be comfortable working out in it. However, we do recommend you wear short and tank tops so that you may be able to carry yourself easier, plus, we do encourage you to embrace that bod.

  •         Pole dancing classes are fun.

This type of dance is something you shouldn’t dread. In fact, dance studios have a professional team that supports and inspires you. There is no judgment if you’re in the bigger side, because pole dancing is all about what your body is capable to do instead of the type of figure you have.

Pole dancing also helps you to release the anxieties and inhibitions you have. If you feel any insecurities about yourself, this type of exercise can help you boost your confidence. You will never know how much stronger you are unless you try to give it a fight. Pole dancing lets you embrace the body you have by celebrating what it can do. Pole dancing also makes you feel sexier, as you hold onto the pole gracefully and sensually.

If you think that your size holds you back, remember that it’s not what defines the person you are. Pole dancing is a soul-enriching activity that requires physicality, but overall it is more of a mental training. It helps you connect to the soul you have, skin deep.


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