How Pole Dancing Has Become A Killer Workout

February 8, 2018

Not everyone who hears the word pole dance associates it with it being a killer workout. In the past, pole dance was not a part of the mainstream, things have only changed very recently. In fact, pole dancing in Dubai is an awesome skill. It is also a fun and effective way to get into shape.

Pole dancing requires intense coordination and upper body strength if you are going to get it right. It has impressive health benefits; for beginners in particular performing some moves on the pole will help you burn those calories and increase cardiovascular benefits. The more advanced you get at pole dancing the more the benefits will increase. It is estimated that pole dancers can burn up to 250 calories in one session.

Pole dancing revolves around muscle toning. It can be more effective than a weight lifting class and will give you incredible upper body strength. The majority of movements practiced in pole dancing will effectively strengthen and develop flat and toned abs. Add in a few press-ups and it turns into a fantastic full body workout.

A lot of flexibility and balance is required during pole dancing. It will help you stay more nimble, avoid accidents and be light on your feet. There are numerous other benefits associated like with any form of exercise which includes better sleep, improved mood and strengthened immune system. In addition, you will be amazed at the moves you will learn and all the fun you can have with pole dancing.

Pole dancing will give you a boost in confidence and self -esteem. The workout will make you physically fit and attractive. The greater you look the better you will feel. Pole dancers have a beautiful physique and the perception of others on your attractiveness will make you feel good about yourself.

And the best part about pole dancing in Dubai is that it is as much fun as you would get from a workout. For many people, exercise is boring and mundane, it is not something they enjoy or look forward to doing. Pole dancing is different, there’s a lot of fun and excitement that goes into the routine. And you are constantly learning new moves and techniques so it makes the workout fresh every day.

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