Pole Dancing As A Mainstream Workout

February 8, 2018

Pole dancing is now a mainstream workout appearing in television shows, gym classes and everyday parties. If you have weight loss goals, the combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training will help you achieve weight loss.

How many calories can you burn during a pole dancing class? According to research the results ranged between 120 calories to 300. The results will vary depending on numerous factors which include the intensity of the workout, your age, composition and body weight.

When combined with other weight loss exercises, pole dancing will help you strip away the pounds and contribute to significant weight loss. The routine will help you burn hundreds of calories which is equivalent to a good session at the gym. It is fun workout that lets women adorn their stilettos and break into a sweat and dance.

Pole exercise is effective in building muscles and toning up. You will learn to use just one arm to support your entire body-weight while using stomach muscles at the same time. Climbing the pole is a lot tougher compared to doing bicep curls and when strength training, flexibility and endurance are combined it will strengthen your stomach muscles. You will learn to grip the pole using your quadriceps and hang in mid-air with your triceps.

As the pounds are slowly but surely stripped away pole dancing in Dubai will give you great confidence. You will be able to move like a gymnast. You will experience a new found confidence that will make you feel younger, healthier and more attractive.

Pole dancing is an effective way to lose weight and feel good about yourself. You will have a toned body and fantastic abs. It is a great workout for women to feel confident and sexy. Pole dancing is unlike other strict and disciplined workouts that take out the fun part. There is so much excitement and fun in pole dancing that you wouldn’t feel like you are exercising at all.

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