Here’s What You Can Expect From Your Pole Dance Class

February 8, 2018

You might be feeling nervous about your first pole dance class. You don’t feel as graceful as the other dancers, and you really worry whether you will be able to do all the moves.

The truth is it is less intimidating than you think. In a class of beginner, you will get plenty of attention Most of you would never have even touched a pole. And not everyone who attempts to pole dance actually has any previous dance experience.

Depending on how you feel, you can either take a friend or attend a pole dance class alone. Particularly for first timers with nerves, you don’t want to feel shier than you already do. Having a friend or companion may make it harder to learn. On the other hand, for some, a friend might help you feel calm as you both go through being nervous together.

Pole dancing in Dubai requires that you have a good grip of the pole, but that doesn’t mean exposed skin. Most beginners are concerned about the amount of skin you have to expose at pole dance sessions. You should wear what you are comfortable with, there is no strict dress code. For most of the moves, it is the back of your knees that should be visible.

Although you may have some dance background, expect for certain areas to be raw at the end of the class. It can happen to dancers of any level. Beginners tend to experience pole burn usually on their feet. You can always wear protective gear or dance shoes.

Remember, no one except for your pole dance instructor is paying attention to what you are doing. Everyone is focusing on their progress, their movement, abilities and journey. So you focus on yours.

Pole dancing is no longer just a sexy workout, it is a fitness routine that has been accepted by mainstream fitness. You get a full boy workout, including those abs. And the good news is that you can shed those pounds while having fun. No longer is losing weight a strenuous exercise, you can dance your way up and down a pole.

Pole dancing won’t start off with the fancy stuff first. You won’t be mid-air or inverted on a single limb. If you are a beginner regardless of your fitness level, you will start at the beginning. Flexibility and the fancy moves will come later, but you will have to get stronger first.

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