Dancing On Air — Benefits of Aerial Dance

When we hear the phrase ‘dance on air’, it’s an idiom for someone who feels extremely happy that it’s as if he could dance on air. Well, the good news is that it is indeed possible to dance on air while getting the euphoric feeling. This magical moment could occur when you take up an aerial dance class in a dance studio in Dubai.

There are many types of dancing, and each is enjoyable in their own way. Some people prefer jazz, while others would like to venture into hip-hop. Aside from being an enjoyable activity, there are many known benefits that you could get out of dancing. No matter which type of dance, all of these are forms of exercise which could both sculpt your body and make you healthy.

If you’re the type of person who’s not afraid to try out a new way of dancing and would like to take up a new challenge, then it’s time to try out aerial dance.

Aerial dance lives up to its name as it literally involves you dancing on air. While this sounds impossible, it actually is as the choreography incorporates an apparatus (such as silk fabrics) that is often attached to the ceiling and would allow the dance to explore the space in three dimensions. Aerial Dance used to be referred to as a gymnastic movement, but ever since aerial dance has become a popular theatrical act (popularized by Cirque du Soleil), it is now considered as a dance form.

Aerial dance is as challenging as it sounds since it will require you to push yourself beyond your limits when you lift yourself up, but it can be learned when you take up a dance class in Dubai. If you’re considering aerial dance as your new fitness routine, then here are more benefits to this dance act:

  1. Aerial Dance strengthens your muscles.  

Aerial dance builds and tones your muscles. Even if aerial dance looks rather easy as experts dance gracefully and effortlessly, it is actually a very intense activity because you’ll let gravity work harder on your body than the usual. Aerial dance is a great ab workout and it greatly improves upper body strength.

  1. Aerial dance improves your flexibility.

Injury to the joints will be less likely, so if you have knee or back problems, aerial dance is the perfect workout activity for you. This dance form could also improve your flexibility as it requires a deeper and more fulfilling stretching than what traditional gym workouts offer.

  1. Aerial dance is a great stress-relieving activity.  

Just like any other dance form, aerial dance also reduces stress because it is a fun activity. When you dance on air, you would feel a sense of freedom as you also feel the adrenaline rush kicked in. There will also be a sense of fulfillment once you do it, and you’ll feel amazed with yourself that you’re able to discover that your body is capable of so much more than you expected.

  1. Aerial dance is a fun workout.

Aside from being an exercise, aerial dance is also an art form that encourages artistry and creativity. What’s good about this type of dance is that it isn’t monotonous like your traditional gym workouts. What’s better than a workout without getting the feeling that you’re working out?

  1. Aerial dance boosts mental health.

Aerial dance is both literally and figuratively dancing on air. There is a certain kind of fulfillment when you discover a new skill, and it makes you feel good and proud of yourself, thus it increases your self-confidence. Aerial dance also brings the feeling of calmness as it also involves meditation and breathing exercises.

Are you interested enough to try out aerial dancing? Then what are you waiting for? Dance on air by visiting our dance studio in Dubai!

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