The Best Workout For Aerial Dancers

May 17, 2018

Most people arrive at an aerial dance class looking for something edgy. You’ve tried all kinds of exercises and workouts from the treadmill to exercising at the health club but it didn’t give you that edgy workout you were looking for. You want to exercise but you also want it to be different, you don’t want to incorporate a mundane routine that does nothing for you physically.

If you’ve finally decided to join an aerial dancing class in Dubai you may feel very excited about the prospect of becoming an aerial dancer.

One of the first things you will notice about aerial dancers is their strength. Strength training should be a part of acrobatic dance workout. Like an athlete training for their sport, aerial dancers should do strength training to increase their strength and resistance. Some of the common exercises to strengthen your muscles are a combination of lunging exercises, pulling, pushing and squatting.

Aerial dancing requires speed and power. If you are training for an acrobatic competition, for instance, it should be a routine comprised of 4 minutes. It is not long distance endurance that aerial dancers should focus on, it is more short bursts of explosive power and speed that is required to perform a routine. The focus is on a short time-frame that combines power spins, dynamic movements, and dramatic drops.

Aerial dancing also requires grace and style. Aerial dancers have a high level of body awareness and know which steps and tricks flow visually. While you do not need to be as graceful as a ballet dancer, you certainly need to incorporate some of the smoothness that comes with ballet.

Aerial dancing requires mobility and flexibility. This is not traditional flexibility we are talking about, this is more like flexibility training that is essential to the dance routine. While every dancer is different the foundation of being a great aerial dancer is the mobility and flexibility of the dance.

One of the most specific elements of being an aerial dancer is having superb technique. A technique is where you learn to refine your moves, tricks, and movements through proper guidance and instruction of an aerial dance instructor in Dubai. When you combine all these elements and bring them to the hoop, you create magic.

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