Avoid Things That Will Slow Down Your Pole Dance Progress

April 30, 2018

Do you feel like your pole dancing skills are at a standstill? If yes, it is because you may be doing things that stop your growth. Do not fret, these things can be fixed. Let’s discuss some common mistakes beginners in particular make that may put a spoke in your growth potential.

Most people watch YouTube videos to learn new things, whether it is art and craft, cooking or learning how to dance. In this case of pole dance you cannot watch a video and then try to copy it. This is potentially dangerous for beginners who have not mastered the art of pole dancing. There are fundamental techniques and movements you need to familiarize yourself with. Skipping the basics will result in wrong muscle engagement, wrong technique, injuries and damper your progress. Without learning the basics you will not know which moves engage which muscle groups. Master the fundamentals at a pole dancing studio in Dubai and learn to display advanced tricks.

If you are going to associate a good workout with good muscle soreness, you may end up feeling disappointed. You don’t necessarily have to feel sore to think you’ve done a good pole dancing routine. Sometimes, there is a delayed onset of soreness in your muscles that can happen if you try out a new move for the very first time.

Do not compare yourself to other pole dancers. It is tempting when you see perfect images of people plastered all across social media. Remember, this is not real life, it is only a highlight reel of little moments in-between real life that most people want to show. If this hurts your morale and you feel inadequate, stop looking at it. You need self-confidence in pole dancing otherwise it will destroy the progress you’ve made. Instead focus on learning new skills and training at a pole dance studio in Dubai. Keep track of accomplishments and learn to be proud of them. Not one starts at the top, even world famous athletes started small.

Pole dancing can be addictive and you can lose track of time when doing it. Do not spend too much time on your workout as it can lead to muscle fatigue. You need to give your muscles proper rest otherwise they can be prone to injuries. As much as training is important so is your rest. Take a couple of days of rest after an intense workout on the pole that gives time for your muscles to repair and replenish.

And finally, do not forget your warm-up exercises, flexibility training, strength training and cooling down. 


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