7 Things Pole Dancing Can Do For Your Fitness

7 Things Pole Dancing Can Do For Your Fitness

January 3, 2018

Have you tried different types of exercise routines and not succeeded in achieving your fitness goals? Do you want to hit the gym but struggle with motivation? If you can’t bring yourself to find the discipline to stick to a grueling exercise routine, then it is time to look at some alternatives, something that comes easy where you don’t have to force yourself to switch off the alarm clock to get up.

Pole dancing is not limited to exotic dancers or beautiful people. You don’t need the perfect hair or makeup to go for pole dancing classes. It is like hitting the gym but much more fun and exciting, to say the least.

If you want to lose weight but you are struggling to shed those pounds, pole dancing classes will help you get rid of unwanted fat. Combine pole dancing with a healthy and balanced diet and before you know it you will be actually able to get into those hot pants. Losing weight has never been more fun, just get onto the pole and dance!

Yes, anyone can pole dance

Anyone can pole dance, this is the best reason of all. You don’t need to be a dancer or have particular strengths or even a regular exerciser to get into pole fitness routine. It draws in different people from various walks of life and you will be surprised at the fantastic level of fitness you will achieve. Whether you are young, old pole fitness can be for you.

Fantastic workout

Pole dancing incorporates a wide array of movements and exercises that will give you a toned body you can be proud of. It’s a fantastic workout for your shoulders, abs, arms and legs. The results unlike traditional workouts will not take a long time, you will start to notice the difference pretty soon.

Not your mundane exercise routine

Pole dancing doesn’t feel like exercise, it doesn’t seem as if you are attempting to do anything except to dance. You are working your muscles hard, it may not seem like it but you will certainly feel it the next day.

Be empowered & confident

If you want to be more outgoing and confident, less shy and empowered, pole dancing classes are just the thing for you. You may feel a little out of place in the beginning, but this is natural and to be expected. Once you have figured out the dance routine, the progress will be quick and productive. You will naturally walk taller and appear more confident.

Envious abs

You don’t have to be a pro to get a toned stomach. Pole dancing will help build strong muscles and abs which are also great for developing upper body strength. And yes, those abs will be the envy of others!

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