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MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio

Pole Fitness , Flexibility , Yoga & Pilates

Treat yourself today!

Reasons To Try MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio

Classes for all age groups

Convenient location near by metro and lot of parkings

Beginner to advanced level classes

Flexiblility class every day

Award winning instructors

Love and Happiness in the place

What People Say

Quality 91%
Classes 90%
Service 97%
Professionalism 94%
Support 95%

MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio is not just another dance studio that opened up out of the blue, it was a vision filled with passion and love for pole and fitness.

MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio has expanded and offers yoga, aerial yoga, aerial hoop, aerial hammocks, flexibility, Pilates and of course, Ballet, Acro Yoga and contemporary courses for children and teenagers.
We often hear from our clients that MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio feels like home and this is one of our goals: to treat women like princesses by offering our services with the ultimate care and hospitality, in a clean, chic and friendly environment where they can not only work out and learn pole, Aerial Hoop, Aerial yYga, Aerial Hammock, yoga, Acro Yoga, flexibility and Pilates, but also make new friends.
Caring is sharing and that’s why MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio is one of Dubai’s most successful and popular dance schools. 

And that is why we have added children and teenager classes of ballet, contemporary and Acro Yoga, to teach them from an early age the benefits of working out and socializing in a healthy environment.
Here at MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio, we focus on providing the perfectly organised space and mainly on the teaching methods provided.
Our instructors are strictly professional in their field, who have studied and have practiced intensively. Our vigorous and skilled trainers are encouraging to all the students and teach them to make the most of their efforts in the safest possible way, while having fun!
Our classes have a variety of levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced so that we cover the needs of all our students; those who just want to get fit and those who want to take it to the next level and improve dramatically their dancing skills. We also offer workshops with the most prominent trainers from abroad who visit our studio very often to teach and share their knowledge and skills especially in pole dance. Also, we offer personal training for ladies who want to work out with privacy.
Last but not least, our famous bachelorette parties attract women to the maximum, as they offer them the most exciting, fascinating way to celebrate their wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation etc.

As a conclusion, all women have every interest, urge, need and thirst to come to MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio, a space of joy, empowerment and transformation.

All the above mentioned reasons are simple: women of all ages, nationalities and fitness background, can achieve their ultimate goal for a perfect shaped body by improving their strength and flexibility through the ultimate fun work out at MPDS Acrobatics Yoga and Pilates Studio.