Aerial silks & Pole instructor

Mario began his professional career at the age of 8 when he started gymnastics and athletic training.
He participated in events and competitions in Medellin, Colombia for six years before moving to the country’s capital, Bogota, where he performed as a member of the Jazz Ballet Company for seven years.
In 1996 Mario became a member
of the Ballet Folclorico de Colombia. With them, he participated in various TV shows, TV series, and soap operas. In 1998, he toured the world for two years, performing in different countries like Switzerland, Germany, Italy , France and Asia
In 2002, after Mario had left the Ballet Folclorico de Colombia, he moved to the UAE, where he worked as one of the first Salsa Instructors and performers of the region. His work and passion prompted him to venture out and open Sabor Latino, his dance studio, and one of the first in the UAE.
Since 2005 Mario has been working as a Free Lance Dancer, performing different styles of dance such as Street Jazz, Contemporary dance, Neo Classic and Latin dances but his real passion is the Aerial Arts. Being the first male aerial artist of the region drove his career to a completely different level opening various